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[Đăng ngày: 29/01/2024]
     January 24, 2024, the Library of Ho Chi Minh University of Banking coordinated with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union - Vietnamese Students’ Association, Intermediate Political Theory Class to organize a community activity program at Thanh An Primary School, Thieng Lieng Island hamlet, Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh City (detail).

[Đăng ngày: 25/01/2024]

With the desire to help users discover features and optimize working performance on the FiinPro system during the data mining and analysis process, in January 2024, The Library of Ho Chi Minh University of Banking has informed all units, faculties, and departments of the HUB about the training session with the topic “Instructions for using the Toolkit to build charts and calculate banking industry indexes” (detail).

[Đăng ngày: 23/01/2024]
     On the afternoon of January 24, 2024, the seminar "Policy on supplementing, exploiting and serving learning materials at the University" was organized by the Library of Ho Chi Minh University of Banking and the Library Board of Foreign Trade University Campus II co-organization took place in an online format. The seminar was aimed at strengthening the connection between the libraries of the two universities, following the Memorandum of Understanding between the two units and improving the efficiency of supplementary activities, exploitation and service of learning, research as well as quality assurance work according to current university policies.

[Đăng ngày: 31/10/2017]
On October 25, 2017, the Vietnamese Library Association of Southern Academic Libraries, in collaboration with the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, organized a workshop on the “Open Educational Resources for learning, teaching and scientific researching”...
[Đăng ngày: 15/10/2017]
In the morning of 14th October 2017, “Library introduction Tour” with topic “IBC and The Secrets of Library 2017” in augurated in Campus at 56 Hoang Dieu II, Thu Duc District, HCMC...
[Đăng ngày: 24/03/2017]
Dated March 23, 2017 at the meeting room No. 56 Hoang Dieu 2, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, the two universities have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the exchange and sharing of library documents...
[Đăng ngày: 26/10/2016]
Book fair includes some activities such as: display, introduction, exhibition relating to Books, especially book signature ceremony and Talking with young writers such as: Anh Khang, Jun Pham, Hamlet Truong form 16th October 2016 to 20th Ocober 2016 in Campus at 56 Hoang Dieu 2, Thu Duc District, HCMC...
[Đăng ngày: 05/09/2016]
In the morning of 27th August 2016, “Library introduction Tour” with topic “Libraty, Go!” organized by IBC Club, Library and Faculty of International Eonomy inaugurated in Campus at 56 Hoang Dieu II, Thu Duc District, HCMC...
[Đăng ngày: 21/07/2016]
The representative of Library of Banking University HCMC partcipated in the 14th annual Conference of Vietnam Library Union on Science and Technology news from 15 to 16 July 2016 in Phu Quoc Island – Kien Giang province...
[Đăng ngày: 26/10/2015]
Library cooperates with Phuong Nam Company to organize Book Fair from 19th October to 23rd October 2015 in Campus at 56 Hoang Dieu 2, Thu Duc District, HCMC. Book fair program includes display, introduction, exhibition and other acivities relating to books to welcome freshmen course 31 and open the school year of 2015 – 2016...