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Library of Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City is a functional unit directly under Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City that is responsible of advising the Principal to manage the information, documents and libraries in training and scientific research.
Tasks and powers
Preparing plans for library development.
Being responsible of design, building and managing information systems, documents and libraries for users in the University and the others in accordance with the Principal and Library's operational procedures.

Library Building of Banking University of HCMC

Proposing to Shool - board in equipping, purchasing and supplementing necessary documents and information based on collecting requests from units, individuals, professionals or surveys of users’ demand data. Additional information and documents for the Library are suitable for training and scientific research requirements of the units and learners in the University on the basis of the approved plan and allocated finance.
Taking documents published by the University, accepted scientific works, reference sources such as graduation papers, essays, dissertations from officers, lecturers, learners and students; training program, textbooks, other documents from the University; sponsored books, donations or exchanges.
Organizing to receive and preserve books, newspapers, magazines and technical facilities donated by organizations and individuals to the Library.
6. Organizing to collect, arrange and store information, documents and pictures about the University's activities; organizing to show, introduce, exploit in accordance with the law.
Organizing to process, arrange, store, preserve, introduce and exploit effectively information and documents; compiling and publishing library - information products in accordance with the law and the University.
8. Developing and providing library - information products and services, photocopying documents in accordance with the law and the Principal.
9. Exploiting and updating information domestically and internationally related to training and scientific research from the University to provide for users.
Actively cooperating with libraries and universities domestically and internationally in linking, exchanging experiences in management, new technoloies, and sharing information resources.
Managing effectively labors, facilities and equipments provided by the University. Advising for the Principal about exploiting library's existing facilities to develop effectively using documents.
12. Reporting about the annual performance and unexpected request from Shool-board, the proposal of functional departments in the University and relating ministries and departments.
13. Performing other tasks assigned by the Principal.