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Method 1: Directly extending documents

Readers bring documents to the library for directly extending.

Method 2: Extending documents through Internet

Enter “Sign in” in Homepage, the window for sign in will appear
Step 1: Sign in:
-         Name for sign in: "The first sign in is Student code by default"
-         Password: "The first sign in is Student code by default"
-         Click “Sign in”

Step 2: Click “Hello….” (For example:   ) to access to the page of readers

Interface of sign in

Step 3: Extending documents through Internet

Enter “Borrowing – returning history” The window “Readers – Borrowing and returning” will appear.

Interface of borrowing – returning history, extending documents through Internet

Notes: This is effective for only readers who borrow documents on schedule. Otherwise, the Extension button will not display. At that time, readers will apply Method 1.

Interface of borrowing – Notification End of rights extending documents

If you are late, You will be fined according to Library rules

For any question, please contact with the Library.