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 Reading Room

Area: 2.400m2
Number of seats: 600

 Multimedia Room

Area: 80m2
Number of computers: 20 PC

 Hardware equipments and networking
Device Quantity
Server computer 1 computers
Processing computer 7 computers
Circulating computers 10 computers
Computer for searching and accessing on the Internet 20 computers
Computer for searching documents 2 computers
KIOSK for searching documents 3 Kiosk
Color printer 1 printer
Printer 4 printers
Hard drive for data backup 1 30Gb drive
1 1TGb drive
Two-sided high speed scanner 2 scanners
one-sided Scanner 2 scanners
Barcode reader 11
 Application software and database management system
Application Software Name Provider Notes
Integrated electronic Library Management Software PSCzlis 6.0, 7.0 Pyramid company
SubsystemIntegrating tomanage electronic and digital documents
Library portal and Searching Subsystem OPAC PSC Portal Integration Searching Tool OPAC Pyramid Company
Managing library through personal Pages: History of Borrowing and returning, Renewal, Borrowing Documents , ...
Database management system SQL server R2 Oracle 10g Copyright belonging to the provider
Antivirus software AVG File Server Edition Copyright belonging to the provider
Other application software Processing documents, image files, PDF files, ...  
Digital Library Software Greenstone Free
 Standard searching and data exchange
Item Description Notes
Bibliographic DataInterchange standard ISO 2709 Marc|MarcText|MarcXml
Business standard in the Library.
Digital data interchange standard Dublin Core Metadata
Interlibrary search standard Z39.50
Open portal 4316