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Subsystem of document lookup is a gate helping users in effectively and conveniently implementing lookup as well as communication with the library. Internet-based integration creates an environment where users can search and use information provided by the library. The inter- library lookup under Z39.50 protocol supports users and libraries in connecting, utilizing and sharing resources as well as services with other libraries.

Search for Document:
1. Basic search
2. Advanced search
3. Detailed search

- Accessing the website: http://library.buh.edu.vn
- Click Search for Document button

Search for Document: This is the function of general lookup for different document types. In order for users to easily utilize, this function classifies the searching into 3 levels: Basic search, detailed search, advanced search.

1. Basic search:
Users click “Basic search” in the General lookup function. This is a simple way, resulting in one or more documents with the same word as the search term; The search results are less accurate. Thus, users have to filter this list again to get documents they want. Typically, this searching type is used only when users do not know exactly about documents.

Steps of implementation:
Step 1 : Choose the collection, choose the store of document
Step 2 : Enter the search content (search term) to “Search key”.
Step 3: Search: Click button to search .

Interface of Basic search – General lookup

2. Advanced search:
This is a method to search for multiple documents at a same time, using AND, OR, NOT operators to extend or limit the field.
This method is usually used when some information relating to document is identified. For example, name of document, subject of document, name of the author, year of publication... The results will be more accurate and narrow.

Steps of implementation :
Step 1: Choose the collection, choose store of document
Step 2: Content: Enter search term, choose search type, choose operators corresponding with each row.
Step 3: Search: Click button to search.

Interface of advanced search function – General lookup

- AND: Narrows the search scope: When combining 2 (or more) search terms by AND operator, it will result in records which contain 2 (or more) these terms .
- OR: OR operator allows users to extend the search scope. Results will include the 1 st term, or 2 nd term, or 2 these terms.
- NOT: NOT operator allows users to narrow the search scope by exclusion. It will exclude those records containing a determined term.

3. Detailed search:
Users click “Detailed search” in the General lookup function. With this function, users can search by following access points: Title, Author, Subject, Content, Classification No ,…

Interface of Detailed search – General lookup

a. Method of searching: There are 2 main methods of searching :
- Enteing the search term to a determined field :
For example: Enter the title: “History of Communistic Party” and click Search
- Combining different fields :
For example :   User wants to search for a document with title “Chan que” of “Nguyen Binh” author:
Enter to Title field: Chan que
Enter to Author field: Nguyen Binh

b. The access points :
The box "Title": Search for document by title. For example: Nhat ky trong tu.
To do this, users can enter a word which is in main title of document without remembering exactly its title.
- The box "Author": Search by author name. For example : Ho Chi Minh .
- The box “Subject”: Search by a word or phrase relating to document title.
- The box “Publishing House”: Search by Publishing House who published document. For example: Education .
- The box “Year of publication”: Search by the year of publication of document. For example: 1990 .
- The box “Classification index”: Search by DDC classification index (is the classification No. by specialized major of document content, by DDC calssification table).
- The box Record number”: Search by record number of document