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[ Đăng ngày: 21/07/2016 ]

       With the approval of Administrator on assigning staffs participating in the Annual Conference, the representative of Library of Banking University HCMC partcipated in the 14th annual Conference of Vietnam Library Union on Science and Technology news from 15 to 16 July 2016 in Phu Quoc Island – Kien Giang province. Together with us today, Mr. Pham Cong Tac – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Technology and Science, Mr. Nguyen Huu Duc – Vice president of Hanoi National University, Ms. Duong Thuy Nga – Library manager, Mr. Ta Ba Hung – President of Electronic news of Vietnam Library Union, Mr. Le Xuan Dinh – Director of Department of Science and Technology Information, representatives of coordinating agencies of Union, leaders of Science and Technology Affairs and over 170 representatives of 80 Library – Information agencies, universities and colleges in our country also present here. Regarding to Library of Banking University HCMC, we have the present of Mr. Vu Tien Duc – Deputy Director of Library, Mr. Le Van Toan – Library Specialist.

        In the speech in the Conference, Dr. Pham Cong Tac, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Techology said that Library had the very important meanings in studying, research and pratice. He appreciates the cooperation, sharing and development of Science and Technology news Union which are patronized by Ministry of Science and Technology and distributed by National Agency for Science and Technology Informaton. In future time, he also hopes that Union would promote their role in support of research, development, education and the people’s knowledge enhance.

        At the conference, Dr. Le Xuan Dinh, Director of Natial Agency of Science and Technology issued the draft “Nantional orientation of developing the Science and Technology news sources” (Orientation) with 2 main points: interanl Technology & Science news and international Tech & Science news. Orientation draft offered principles and strategy objectives to secure Tech & Science news for particular community and people in general, which helps develop economics, society and enhance the living quality. When approved, this orientation will be the legal basis for ministies and branches and locals to determine the direction of Tech & Science news development in economics, cultural, educational and scientific services.

        At the conference, The signing ceremony of access of using and exploiting Science Direct and Scopus Data among National Agency of Science and Technology Information – information patronizing unit and 3 information agencies of Vietnam National University, Ha Noi and Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

        The Library Union attracts nearly 100 members, in which 45 members funds the budget for foreign news addition. With precept: “Maximum benefit, minimum expense, Cooperation to develop”. Library of Banking University HCMC realizes the real benefits of Union in supplementing the electronic news on Science and Technology towards Traning and Teaching in University. Therefore, in the future time, Library of University hopes to be the official member to donate expenses for Union to exploit the foreign data such as: ProQuest Central, Credo General Reference, Science Direct; the internal data of National Agency of Science and Technology Information. Reprentative of Library also commited to efectively and positively take part in Union with the best condition and qualification.

        Moreover, in leader conference of Banking University HCMC, leaders of library also discussed with other libraries such as: Information center – Library of Vietnam National University Hanoi; Library of Nguyen Tat Thanh University… about electronic new sharing in future time. The result of discussion is really positive. In the next time, Information center and Library of Vietnam National University Hanoi will share the access right for Banking University HCMC to exploit electronic data of Vietnam National University Hanoi, including:

        - Internal documents of Vietnam National University Hanoi: over 3500 textbooks and reference books of Publisher of Vietnam National University Hanoi, nearly 20.000 thesises, essays, nearly 1000 documents of Geological information and Vietnam geologial resources, over 1200 national topics and topics of Vietnam National University Hanoi, over 10000 Chinese literature documents, over 5000 essays of scientific conferences and 2000 essays of 12 Scientific magazines of Vietnam National University since 1995.
        - Credo Reference (Validity: 31/12/2016)
        - E-Journal Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Magazines of studying German)
        - EndNote - ( Validity: 31/12/2016)
        - MathSciNet Online Journal. (Long validity).
        - Especially the data of Science Direct and Vietnam National University Hanoi has given us the right to access at the Conference.

        Annual conference of Union organized in provinces through the country is the occasion for members to discuss and decide important issues after one working year. And the conference is also an occasion for members to study and find the cooperation to develop.


Panorama Conference

PhD. Pham Cong Tac, Deputy minister of Ministry of Science and Techology delivering a speech at the Conference PhD. Le Xuan Dinh, director of National Agency of Science and Technology Information delivering the opening remarks and announcing the launch of the Science Direct database

Ms. Vu Duong Thuy Nga – Director of Library Department making speech at the Conference Mr. Ta Ba Hung – President of Electronic news of Vietnam Library Union

Representatives of 4 units signing commitment the Science Direct database usage

Board of directors of the Banking University HCM city taking souvernir photos with Directors of National Agency of Science and Technology and supply units.